Quantum Sunrise
Some handy bits & pieces compiled by James E Lyon

A cache-proof, DNS-independent, Internet Test Page : (Address will not change, so feel free to memorize it, jot it down...)

Other Websites


Things to use

Drag this SendTo link to the Bookmark Toolbar for an 'email address of current page' feature in Google Chrome.
Default installation displays a Getting Started page with basic tips on using Chrome.

Don't use the Chrome extension for Amazon's add-to-wishlist feature (too much privacy surrendered by installing it)
but rather go and get Amazon's button for your browser's toolbar to explicitly add any web-page as a wishlist item instead.

Other Apple Mac & OS X bits

Some Mac magic-keys for resets and special boots etc..
Shift-Control-Option-Power : Hard Reboot ?
Option-Cmd-P-R during power-on (press before grey screen appears, hold until second start-up tone heard) : Reset NVRAM
T for FireWire/Thunderbolt Target Disk Mode for OS X 8.6 on (not Vault).
Option-Command-Escape : 'Force Quit' pop-up window.
Option-Command-Escape-Shift held for 4 secs : Unconditionally 'force quit' the front-most application.
Ctrl-Command-Power : Immediate forced soft restart. (hold power on its own for 10 secs to force power-off)
Ctrl-Shift-Power : Puts screen to sleep only, though not on Snow Leapord Mac Book Pro mid-2010, it doesn't. Try C-S-Eject.
Option-Command-Eject : Sleep. (Quick, light sleep, it appears -- maybe less than closing clamshell.)
Big list of Keyboard Shortcuts from MacRumors. (note references at end for other sources & lists)

Microsoft Fixes & Hacks

Unrelated & Miscellaneous